Sunday, March 13, 2011

Financing of 1.045 billion U.S. dollars into the giant U.S. IPO's largest private enterprises in

November 1 morning news, the giant network today to issue price of 15.5 U.S. dollars, issued 6739 million American depository receipts, IPO financing volume reached 1.045 billion U.S. dollars, the company's total market capitalization of 4.2 billion U.S. dollars, becoming the largest in the United States, China issued private enterprises.

It is understood that the network has successfully completed a giant road show. International's largest institutional investors active subscription, Subscription far beyond the issue size, pricing higher than prospectus disclosure of 14 dollars per share, price ceiling.

It is responsible for underwriting the giant network of Merrill Lynch and UBS responsible person, a giant international network of investors a high degree of identity, particularly its strong R & D capabilities and the most extensive sales network of keen interest.

Prospectus shows that in January 2007 to June, total revenue of the giant network of 687 million yuan, net profit of 512 million yuan over the same period. Online game giant's flagship product, "journey" in the second quarter, while the maximum number of 107 million people online, the average number of 51 million people online. Are similar products in the first.

Another Giant theme of modern warfare online game "giant" has entered the closed beta, is expected to be listed in the fourth quarter. The purchase of complete intellectual property rights, "King of Kings 3" is expected to be available in 2008. Industry analysts believe that networking giant is currently operating a "journey", "journey time Edition" for similar products online first, strong profitability, coupled to look forward to the "giant" and "King of Kings 3", the future growth potential.

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MAC-based access control list Xiangjie

Creating Named MAC Extended ACLs

Step 1 configure terminal to enter global configuration mode

Step 2 mac access-list extended name Define an extended MAC access list using a name.

Step 3

(Deny | permit)

(Any | host source MACaddress | source MAC address mask)

(Any | host destination MAC address | destination MAC address mask) [type mask | lsap lsap mask | aarp | amber | dec-spanning | decnet-iv | diagnostic | dsm | etype-6000 | etype-8042 | lat | lavc-sca | mop-console | mop-dump | msdos | mumps | netbios | vines-echo | vines-ip | xns-idp | 0-65535]

[Cos cos]

Step 4 end Return to privileged EXEC mode.

Step 5 show access-lists [number | name] Show the access list configuration.

Step 6 copy running-config startup-config (Optional) Save your entries in the configuration file.

This example shows how to create and display an access list named mac1, denying only EtherType

DECnet Phase IV traffic, but permitting all other types of traffic.

Switch (config) # mac access-list extended mac1

Switch (config-ext-macl) # deny any any decnet-iv

Switch (config-ext-macl) # permit any any

Switch (config-ext-macl) # end

Switch # show access-lists

Extended MAC access list mac1

10 deny any any decnet-iv

20 permit any any

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Neusoft interpretation of "child swallow mother" listed as a whole integration scheme

January 18, shares and Neusoft Neusoft Neusoft Group Board of Directors examined and approved the listing of the program overall. When a reporter consult the relevant details, Neusoft that is currently in sensitive period, any statements to the investors are likely to cause misunderstanding. But the reporter was informed that the cancellation of legal personality of Neusoft Group, Neusoft shares as to the existence of listed companies.

In accordance with the motion passed, Neusoft Neusoft subsidiary shares will be on January 17 closing price of 24.49 yuan as the conversion price, the parent company of Neusoft Group, the convertible price is 7 yuan exchange ratio of 1:3.5.

Although this motion be considered general meeting of shareholders, and the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission and other relevant national authorities approved before implementation. But notice a 22, price of the shares Neusoft January 22 ~ 24, three consecutive trading days the closing price deviation from the value of the cumulative increase to 20%. January 25, the Shanghai Composite Index fell 3.95%, but the price of the shares Neusoft rose 9.75%, to 35.77 yuan.

Neusoft Group, the voice calls market a long time. In 2005, the main business income of Neusoft Group, 2.778 billion yuan, net profit of 137.9 million yuan, net of Neusoft shares contributed 34.9 million yuan, the Group achieved a profit of about 103 million. Analysts said that Neusoft Group return on equity (ROE) as high as 13%, much higher than 4.4% of listed companies, listed companies will no doubt help improve the overall performance of listed companies.

Moreover, since the shares have Neusoft Neusoft Group and the software outsourcing business, and higher than the Neusoft Group's outsourcing revenue shares to the shareholders that the same group compete with the delay of the shares of listed companies Neusoft the growth of outsourcing.

Some analysts believe that the listing of opportunities with the Group, Neusoft to better integrate various resources, including the Group's domestic and international businesses, including listed companies and business groups overlap. Neusoft Group can be listed by the opportunity to raise more funds to expand its staff size, further expansion of business to provide financial support.

News Comments: Neusoft overall market, to avoid competition with industry is one of the reasons, I am afraid, "misappropriating" is another objective. Neusoft shares of listed companies in the eyes of investors is not "quality", profitability is more likely to win more of the group to please investors. Although the surface is "the annexation of the parent company, subsidiary," but in essence, "the mother to promote child fat," so that companies can ring to more money.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

MacTel impact WinTel

MacTel = Mac + Intel, is impacting the well-known WinTel.

Old Bill introduced Windows 3.0 in 1990, the moment, WinTel experiencing pain after 5 years was finally stable. After 20 years in the years, there has been no real threat to the strength of its foundation.

January 10, Jobs announced the Mac World last two marked "Intel Core Duo", a Mac running Mac OS machine. This is the first time in history, some manufacturers have adopted Intel processors and not dare to launch Windows-running PC. Such a cool thing, except no one dared to Jobs.

MacTel WinTel What will the impact?

The fact that playback
Week, the world body to get a test prototype, the evaluation has published their own report and comments.

According to Macworld test, iMac Core Duo comprehensive than iMac G5, running iMove rate of 1.84 times for the iMac G5, close to Steve Jobs claimed: "speed up the past two times." Nikkei BP testers wrote: "start very fast. From the power to burst open," Qiang "was about 5 seconds, then after about 20 seconds to display the progress bar. And then, instantly showing the desktop," "HD smooth playback of video was amazing. "

In order to run in the iMac Core Duo iMac G5 version of the application code execution, Apple supplied Rosetta emulator. According to Macworld test, iTunes iMac G5 speed under 66%, Photoshop is 55%. Jobs said this at the press conference, general users to use enough.

Nikkei BP reporters, iMac Core Duo does not have Intel Inside, Centrino Duo and Intel ViiV standards such as the identity. Box bears a completely Apple-style "Intel Core Duo" logo. "Apple design" is impressively printed on the iMac Core Duo.

iMac Core Duo announcement after the heated discussion in the industry to run Windows in its possibilities. Many tests show that the iMac Core Duo can not run Windows XP. Technical experts, iMac Core Duo for UEFI (United Extensible Firmware Interface, Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) block the operating system other than Mac OS. Experts point out that as long as the change UEFI firmware, you can run other operating systems.

Macnn reported: "Microsoft said it is working with Apple co-operation, will Virtual PC to Intel Mac platform." Microsoft Virtual PC is a virtual environment based on Intel processors, can run multiple operating systems on it, Intel pledged to support processor-level virtual technology. The Apple director, said this: "We did not take any action to prevent or encourage this." One thing is clear, iMac Core Duo has the potential to run multiple operating systems.

Finally, the computer lab experts evaluating the world, Intel Mac machine's price and the same configuration of PC and laptop machines rather, not expensive. According to research firm iSupply analysis of 1,299 U.S. dollars iMac Core Duo manufacturing cost 898 U.S. dollars.

Three shocks
iMac Core Duo has been placed in front of the user, who can only face all the WinTel, fight.

Wintel's vulgar temperament and different, MacTel is a high-level artistic temperament and style of products. Throughout the industry, manufacturers rely on third-manufacturing companies rely on second-rate technology, first-class manufacturers rely on Art. MacTel appearance, open the PC and notebook artistic era. In the art of the times, why should the user choose vulgar? WinTel we all will make the individual a bit technical, who art?

MacTel has the potential to run multiple operating systems. If that day comes, only the function of running Mac Mac OS, Windows and Linux, and three OS on top of rich applications. Wintel PC can run most Windows and Linux. Stronger than the 32-bit 64-bit, 2GHz stronger than 1GHz. Decimal better than large numbers, women and children to know the IT Law. Once the user understand MacTel are three kinds of OS, WinTel only two words how do?

From the cost analysis shows, MacTel considerable room for price cuts, have more room to deal with price wars. Jobs in particular, taught to play low-cost iPod games. Even the price war is immune dominant, WinTel how to do?

Although the Mac, only 4% market share, if three to five years as the iPod, like Rounds, Old Devil A point would not be surprised.

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Dreamweaver MX 2004 from scratch (6)

After the first few parts of the operation, our website has been illustrated, with considerable effect, but it is not enough for the website, many pages to the site to become an organic whole, each page must be passed over Links ways, and this can allow the viewer to jump between different pages.

鈽?links to pictures and text

Established for some text or image link is very convenient, as long as the need to use the mouse to select the picture or text into a link, and then in the Properties panel of the "Link" input box need to jump the target page address, or press the input box next to the folder icon to select the file jump. In addition, Dreamweaver MX 2004 also provides a window through the site to quickly link to documents.

First step is to run "Site 鈫?Manage Sites" command, and from the pop-up menu, select a good site has been created, a time to see pop up in the right side of the site management window.

The second step in the editor select text or pictures, direct dragging properties panel "Link" input box next to the circular target icon, then an arrow will appear when the arrow points to the site manager in a single file , a box appears around the file (Figure 1).

Figure 1

銆?? 绗笁姝?鏉惧紑榧犳爣涔嬪悗锛岄?涓殑鏂囧瓧涓嬮儴灏变細鍑虹幇涓嬪垝绾匡紝鍚屾椂鍗曡瘝鐨勯鑹插彉鎴愯摑鑹诧紝鑰屼笖鈥淟ink鈥濊緭鍏ユ涓篃浼氳嚜鍔ㄦ樉绀虹洰鏍囨枃浠剁殑鍦板潃銆?br />
銆??鎻愮ず锛氬湪寤虹珛閾炬帴鐨勬椂鍊欓渶瑕佹敞鎰廢RL鐨勪袱绉嶆柟寮忋? 1.缁濆鍦板潃锛氫緥濡倃ww锛?abc锛?com/test锛?htm锛?锛庣浉瀵瑰湴鍧?細姣斿download/1锛?htm锛岃鏄庨〉闈?锛?htm鍦ㄦ湇鍔″櫒鐨勬牴鐩綍涓?

銆??鈽呭湪涓?紶鍥剧墖涓婅瀹氬涓摼鎺?br />

銆??鏈変簺缃戦〉鍦ㄤ竴寮犲ぇ鍥剧墖涓婂仛浜嗗涓摼鎺ワ紝杩欐牱璁块棶鑰呭彲浠ラ?杩囩偣鍑诲浘鐗囩殑涓嶅悓浣嶇疆杩涘叆涓嶅悓鐨勯〉闈紝杩欐槸搴旂敤浜嗗浘鍍忕儹鍖哄煙鐨勬蹇碉紝鎴戜滑鍙互鍙傜収涓嬭堪姝ラ瀹炵幇銆?br />
銆?? 绗竴姝?鍦―reamweaver MX 2004涓彲浠ュ厛閫変腑鍥惧儚锛屾鏃跺彲浠ュ湪鍥惧儚灞炴?闈㈡澘涓婄湅瑙佷竴涓?Map鈥濆尯鍩燂紝鍦ㄥ叾涓嬫柟鏈変笁涓贰钃濊壊鐨勫伐鍏峰浘鏍囷紝鍗崇煩褰?鍦嗗舰鍜屽杈瑰舰銆?br />
銆?? 绗簩姝?鏍规嵁闇?鐢ㄩ紶鏍囬?涓叾涓殑涓?釜锛屽啀鎶婇紶鏍囩Щ鍒板浘鍍忎笂鎷栨嫿鍑轰竴鍧楁贰钃濊壊鐨勫尯鍩熴?

銆?? 绗笁姝?鍦ㄥ睘鎬ч潰鏉夸腑鐨勨?Link鈥濊緭鍏ユ涓~鍐欓渶瑕侀摼鎺ョ殑缃戦〉鍦板潃锛岃繖鏍蜂竴涓浘鍍忕儹鍖哄煙灏卞仛濂戒簡銆?br />
銆??鍚屾牱锛屽啀瀵硅繖骞呭浘鍍忚瀹氬涓浘鍍忕儹鍖哄煙锛屼篃灏卞彲浠ュ疄鐜扮偣鍑诲浘鐗囩殑涓嶅悓鍖哄煙杩涘叆涓嶅悓鐨勯〉闈簡銆?br />

銆?? 鈽呭畾鍒堕〉闈㈠唴璺宠浆鐨勯摼鎺?br />


銆?? 绗竴姝?鍦―reamweaver MX 2004涓厛纭畾閾炬帴鎸囧悜鐨勪綅缃紝涔熷氨鏄睆骞曡烦杞悗鍋滅暀鐨勪綅缃紝鎺ョ潃閫変腑鐩爣鏂囨湰骞惰繍琛屸?Insert鈫扤amed Anchor鈥濆懡浠ゃ?

銆?? 绗簩姝?鍦ㄢ?Anchor name鈥濊緭鍏ユ涓敭鍏ユ爣绛惧悕绉帮紙姣斿test3锛夛紝杩欐椂鍦ㄦ枃鏈笅闈細鑷姩鍑虹幇涓?釜閿氬紡鏍囪鏉ュ尯鍒紑鏅?鐨勬枃鏈唴瀹癸紙濡傚浘2锛夈?

Figure 2

銆?? 绗笁姝?鍦ㄥ睘鎬ф澘鐨勨?Link鈥濊緭鍏ユ涓緭鍏モ?#test3鈥濓紝鍏朵腑test3灏辨槸鍒氭墠璁剧疆鐨勫悕瀛楋紝杩欐牱鍗冲彲瀹炵幇椤甸潰鍐呰烦杞姛鑳戒簡銆?br />

銆?? 鈽呭揩閫熸鏌ョ綉椤甸摼鎺?br />
銆??涓婄綉鍐叉氮鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鏈?鍘岀殑灏辨槸鐪嬭鈥淲eb Server error 4004:File Not Found鈥濅箣绫荤殑鍑洪敊淇℃伅銆傜敱浜庝竴涓綉绔欎腑鐨勭殑閾炬帴鏁伴噺寰堝锛岀◢鏈変笉鐢氬氨浼氬鑷村緢澶氶摼鎺ュ嚭閿欙紝涓嶈繃鍦―reamweaver MX 2004涓彲浠ュ緢鏂逛究鍦板閾炬帴杩涜妫?煡銆?br />
銆?? 绗竴姝?鍦―reamweaver MX 2004涓繍琛屸?Site鈫扖heck Links SideWide鈥濆懡浠わ紝姝ゆ椂灏嗕細婵?椿閾炬帴妫?煡闈㈡澘銆?br />
銆?? 绗簩姝?浠庨潰鏉垮乏涓婇儴鐨勨?Show鈥濅笅鎷夎彍鍗曚腑鍙互閫夋嫨Broken Links锛堟柇鎺夌殑閾炬帴锛夈?Extrenal Links锛堝閮ㄧ殑閾炬帴锛夈?OrphanedFiles锛堝绔嬫枃浠讹級涓夌锛屾瘮濡傛垜浠?鍙朞rphaned Files涔嬪悗锛孌reamweaver MX 2004灏嗗褰撳墠閾炬帴鎯呭喌杩涜妫?煡锛屽苟涓斿皢瀛ょ珛鐨勬枃浠跺垪琛ㄦ樉绀哄嚭鏉ャ?

銆?? 绗笁姝?瀵逛簬鏈夐棶棰樼殑鏂囦欢锛岀洿鎺ュ弻鍑婚紶鏍囧乏閿嵆鍙墦寮?繘琛屼慨鏀广?




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Visuanl C # 2005 Quick Start of the while statement (1)

Use while statements can be true in a Boolean expression is subject to repeat the run a statement.
while statement syntax is as follows:
while (booleanExpression)


First, the Boolean expression will be evaluated, if it is true, on the run statement, then the Boolean expression is evaluated again. If the expression is still true, to run the statement again, and again the expression is evaluated. This process will continue repeatedly until the boolean expression evaluates to false; time, while statement will exit, and from the first statement after the while continue. while statement syntax with if statements have many similarities (in fact, in addition to the two different keywords, the syntax is exactly the same):

鈼?expression must be a Boolean expression.

鈼?Boolean expression must be placed within parentheses.

鈼?If the first value, the Boolean expression is false, statement is not run.

鈼?If you want to in a while under the control of the implementation of two or more statements, you must use braces to group into a block statement.

The following while statement is written to the console the value 0 to 9:
int i = 0;

while (i! = 10)


Console.WriteLine (i);

i + +;


All the while statement should be terminated at some point. Novice common mistake is to forget to add a special statement, it would eventually result in a Boolean expression evaluates to false and terminate the cycle. In the example, i + +; on this situation.

Note that while loop variable i controls the final number of cycles. This is a very popular representation, has the effect of the variable is sometimes called the sentinel variable (Sentinel variable).

In the following exercise, preparing to write a while loop, it is time to read from a source file line content, and write each line of a text box.

鈼?use the while statement

1. WhileStatement open Visual Studio 2005 project, which is located in My Documents folder under the Microsoft PressVisual CSharp Step by StepChapter 5WhileStatement subfolders.

2. Select "Debug" | "to start (not debugging)."

Visual Studio 2005 to build and run the Windows application. Application itself is a simple text file viewer that allows you to select a file to display its contents.

3. Click the "Open File" (Open File) button.

Then there are "Open" dialog box

4. Switch to the My Documents folder under the Microsoft PressVisual CSharp Step by Step Chapter 5WhileStatementWhileStatement subfolders.

5. Select the Form1.cs file, and then click "Open."

Form1.cs file name will be displayed in small text box, but the contents of the file does not display in the large text box. This is because we have not achieved the appropriate code to read the contents of the source file and display those in the large text box contents. The following steps will add this feature.

6. Close the form, return to Visual Studio 2005.

7. In the "Code and Text Editor" window displays the file Form1.cs code, find openFileDialog_FileOk method.

Users in the "Open" dialog box, select a file, and click "Open" button, call the method. Method is currently the subject:
string fullPathname = openFileDialog.FileName;

FileInfo src = new FileInfo (fullPathname);

filename.Text = src.Name;

/ Bin / boot / dev / etc / home / lib / lost + found / media / misc / mnt / net / opt / proc / root / sbin / selinux / srv / sys / tmp / u01 / usr / var / vmware add while loop here backup / bin / conf / data / log / maint / svn / tmp /

The first statement declares a string variable, named fullPathname, and it is initialized to openFileDialog object FileName property. The statement fullPathname initialized to "Open" dialog box, select the source file's full name (including path).

Note openFileDialog object is from the "toolbox" of selected components of an instance of the OpenFileDialog. This component provides the methods used, you can display to the user a standard Windows "Open" dialog box, allowing users to choose a file, and get selected file name and path.


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Cable construction should focus on good single-disc test

Single-disc test fiber cable line construction is a very important aspect. It is mainly after the use of optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR), optical disc on a single length of optical fiber attenuation coefficient and scattering curves were measured after inspection, to determine whether the cable's key performance indicators to project design and procurement requirements, and provide the basis for the cable distribution site.

Single-disc test fiber cable quality is also defined responsibilities and an important part of project construction. Cable in the production, storage and long-distance transportation, the fiber may be damaged. According to "Military fiber optic cable construction and acceptance of digital transmission systems engineering technical specifications" requirement, in the optical disk shipped to the construction site, you must on each fiber of each cable tray test (detection rate 100%), consistent with technical indicators before they can be with plate and laying. However, some construction units do not pay attention to this link, that manufacturers have already provided relevant information, the test is carried out sampling (detection rate of 50% or less), or just check for a fiber length, other indicators be neglected in more even are, simply do not do a single disk test, this is very wrong. Once the cable laying fiber optic cable was found after completion of performance failure, it is difficult to distinguish between fiber quality or construction quality.

Based on years of construction experience, we believe that the construction should be strictly in accordance with the procedure, do a good job single-disk test, to ensure quality. The main procedures are as follows:

The first step: check the information: to reach test at the scene, should first check the cable factory quality certificate, and check the factory single-disc test data provided are complete, its content, including cable type, core number, length, end other, structural sections map and sequence of fiber-fiber, attenuation coefficient, refractive index and so on, to see whether the order contract required.

Step Two: Appearance check: mainly the optical disc packaging for damage during transport, and then check the cable opening with or without skin damage, cable skin print writing is clear, wear resistant, cable terminations packaging is intact. The existing problems, should make a detailed record, in the optical index test, key test should be done.

Third step: check the other side: from the outside to open stripped cable ends about 30cm, according to optical beam (or optical fiber ribbon) cable outside the chromatographic reason and do not judge, and contrast with the information provided by the factory to see if there are errors . Then in the cable tray cable side marked A, B-side to facilitate cable laying.

Step Four: Fiber Inspection: Stripper fiber loose tube about 20cm, clean optical fiber, optical fiber core number and check whether there are errors chromatography, and determine the optical fiber sequence.

Step Five: Testing technical indicators: measured with the activities of the connector to connect fiber optic pigtails and testing, OTDR testing and then the fiber length, the average loss, and the factory test target with the optical contrast, look for errors. View fiber after taking the curve to the scattering and reflection of whether the peak attenuation level. The entire fiber optic cable in there as long as there is a broken fiber, attenuation exceeded its apparent attenuation level or reflection peaks (not including the fiber end reflection peaks) should be regarded as substandard products.

Step Six: Check the electrical characteristics: If there are to much for cable or monitoring of the metal wire pairs should be tested on the electrical characteristics of wire indicators to see whether the national standards.

Step Seven: Waterproof performance check: test metal sheathed cable, metal parts such as strengthening the insulation resistance to ground to see whether the factory standards.

Step eight: Recovery Package: testing is completed, the first cut of light apparent reason Qi, with the heat shrink tube ends can be sealed, and then pull the cable shrouded in a fixed cable tray and cable tray in the same time, restoration of optical disc packaging.

In the process of optical single-disk test, should also pay attention to the following questions:

1, optical fiber cable in the surplus in the calculation: when tested with the OTDR, the fiber is longer than the length of cable that is fiber-optic cable in the surplus in the degree. And this margin of manufacturers do not usually provide, but it is also indispensable to maintain fiber optic cable line a parameter. We can be calculated by the following formula: degree = slim 梅 surplus cable length - 1. Thus, we maintain the course of optical cable, you can OTDR measured margin of fiber length and to determine the exact location of cable fault location: cable length = slim 梅 (1 + surplus degrees).

2, optical fiber attenuation coefficient test: OTDR testing with certain optical attenuation coefficient of error, the same fibers of different OTDR testing, the test results may not be the same, that is the same OTDR set different parameters, test results may not be the same. So, as long as the test results in the standard range, but with little difference between the data provided by the manufacturer, should be regarded as qualified. The test results exceeded the standard, not blindly to a conclusion, should a change of OTDR parameters or work environment, or for an OTDR to repeatedly test, compare, see if it really excessive.

3, "Magic peak" phenomenon: "Magic peak" phenomenon known as "ghost" phenomenon, which is in the use of OTDR test optical fiber, optical pulses in optical fibers due to multiple reflections, the fiber optic backscatter curve formed a reflective peak. Because of this reflection peak is formed with the fiber fracture is very similar to the reflection peak, the tester is easy to "magic peak" is formed as a fiber breakage caused by the reflection peak of misjudgment. Therefore, the optical scattering curve after the peak reflection occurs, it is necessary for further analysis, may come and go test pulse, measuring the length or the wavelength of measurement several times to compare the identification. If you can not judge, can be measured from the other side, or replacement of test instruments, re-measurement.

Has been identified as unqualified for the optical disc products, to register a clear, timely reporting and contact with manufacturers.


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